MFA/Logins Troubleshooting

ReviewMate® MFA/Logins Troubleshooting Guide

Table of Contents

Verification Difficulties

Preferred Method Issues

  • Switch to an alternate method: Authenticator app (e.g., “Google Authenticator,” “Microsoft Authenticator,” or “Duo Mobile,”) or email verification.
  • If problems persist, contact the administrator to:
    • Reset MFA settings, or
    • Adjust email configurations.

Lost Access to Mobile Device?

  • Turn to email verification, known as OTP ( One-time Password). Click on the below link showing below:
  • Make sure to have both methods set up for future use.
  • For complex issues, consult the IT Administrator.

Regular Error Prompts

Received “Exceeded Limit/Blocked from Making Future Requests” Message?

  • Wait for several hours before attempting again.
  • Close your browser and all opened tabs and then open a new browser session, preferred to use private mode. 
  • Contact the IT Administrator if persistently facing this issue, or reach out to [email protected].

Authenticator App Issues 

Code Verification Failed or Invalid Code?

  • Ensure the device’s date and time settings are correct and set to auto-sync. Incorrect settings may invalidate codes.
  • Clear the browser’s cache and retry.
  • Close your authenticator app and re-open it. 
  • Ensure your authenticator app is current (an app update might be required).
  • Persistent problems? Request the IT administrator to reset your MFA, or reach out to [email protected]

Multiple MFA Accounts?

  • Ensure you select the correct MFA profile, especially if you’ve set up multiple profiles (use the code generated for the correct user email and environment).
  • If you regenerate a specific MFA profile, you must remove the old entry from the Authenticator to avoid confusion. 

Email Verification Issues 

No Verification Email Received?

  • Check your spam/junk folder.
  • Verify your email server’s operational status.
  • Confirm the email address associated with ReviewMate.
  • If unsuccessful, wait momentarily then request a new one-time password.

Data Privacy Concerns


  • We prioritize data integrity and user confidentiality. Trust our MFA processes.
  • For additional details or queries, review our data privacy policy or reach out.
  • To read the Term of Use policy, click here

Other Verification Failures 

Forgot Mobile Device?

  • Switch to the email method by selecting “Facing issues logging in? Use an alternate method.
  • If no alternatives are visible, contact your IT administrator.

Unable to Turn Off Multi-Factor Verification?

  • Remember, some organizational policies might enforce this feature.

Lost or Stolen Device?

  • Immediately opt for a different verification method.
  • Alert the IT Administrator to reset your MFA.

Issues After Multiple Login Attempts?

  • Consider taking a break or using a different MFA method.
  • For potential security threats or persistent MFA problems, inform your IT administrator to contact ReviewMate support at [email protected].

Not Receiving Verification email?

  • Consider using the Authenticator App for swift verification.
  • Ensure to trust and domains in your email settings. 

Not Prompted for Secondary Authentication?

  • Discuss with the IT administrator to ascertain correct MFA setup.
  • If you trusted your home or your work IP address, the system might now challenge you with second authentication, this configurable.  

Got a New Phone?

  • Have the IT administrator reset your MFA to configure the new device.

Switching to a new trusted IP?

  • Request your IT administrator to reset your MFA and select “Trust this IP address?” during the MFA profile setup.

Still experiencing issues?

  • Engage your IT administrator. They can directly contact ReviewMate support or through Jira.