Risk Adjustment Analyzer

What is ReviewMate HCC Analyzer?

It is a bulk auditing tool that allows you to analyze millions of medical claims from EDI billing files to discover missing HCC diagnoses. The system will provide a detailed summary report with weight impact estimation. This report will be vital in identifying auditing opportunities to recapture missed reimbursements and risk scores.


The analyzer allows you to filter your search by multiple categories, including health plans, service dates, specific facilities or providers,  billing type, and more.  


Once you discover the potential opportunities, you can use the ReviewMate Auditing Platform (HCC Module) to perform a record-level review of these patients. 


Our Risk Manager module allows you to monitor and identify missing HCCs early in the revenue cycle. Click here to read more. 


In addition to ReviewMate's standard features for auditing, our HCC module features:

All auditing account types are considered part of the core of ReviewMate's auditing system that covers many features such as:

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