Medical Code Auditing Platform

The ALL-IN-ONE Solution

Evaluate DRG assignment within any IPPS account type. Inpatient medical code audits are one of ReviewMate’s specialty by responding to industry problems with acumen.

Physician Fee schedule and/or Physician Office auditing requires a deep insight into problematic instances of the field: insight ReviewMate excels in providing.

Any medical record regarding outpatient procedures and services work as well as other accounts in ReviewMate’s core suite. Correct APC assignment with reassuring ease.

Free-standing ambulatory surgery center accounts spawn many opportunities for firms to save incredible amounts of time and resources for both client and auditor.

In a risk-adjustment and value-based payment system, HCC is vital in modern health information systems. ReviewMate pushes important statistics like performance targets and averages to keep you on top of your auditing.

Users can easily create and track appeals through our intuitive and user-friendly interface. The system alerts users and guides them through each step, ensuring timely submissions and increased appeal success rates.

Expanded utilities for querying your universe of data. Explicit parameters for querying in addition to a randomization query tool.

View full narratives of records in one integrated place by using timelines within each record.

Understanding why and by whom a particular code has been submitted is integral to a productive auditing environment