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The ultimate medical code auditing application for all auditing, sampling, and reporting needs.

The Gold Standard in Medical Coding Audits

Streamline auditing, integrate your data seamlessly, and consolidate communication in one platform.

Created by auditors, for auditors.

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Consolidate data from any source

Connect ReviewMate right into your universe of data or import loose resources independently, for gathering samples.

Icon of pulling in data from hospital database


Find and extrapolate findings seamlessly

Integrated tools keep both the auditor closer to the data, and expands more accountable, transparent communication.

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Summarize findings and continually manage auditing operations

Customizable reports and integrated communication channels expedite results right to the end-user.

Icon of pulling in data from hospital database


Automate work and gain insight

Leverage artificial intelligence and community-sourced data to augment workflows intuitively. Expedite discovery of auditing opportunities.

"Spreadsheet Friction"

Juggling between spreadsheets and different program resources is not only frustrating, but it wastes time, and can contribute to inconsistency.

ReviewMate consolidates all of your sources of information into one platform. Log in and take care of business.

Woman working in the center of many spreadsheets.

The "Game of Telephone"

While reviewers are providing insights and comments on findings, having a single document being constantly carbon copied blurs lines of accountability, and opens up gaps for miscommunication.

Synchronized communication allows for every single audit, finding, comment, and task to be completely transparent for all authorized parties.

Man with four rams holding many different phone alerts in between many different emails and ICD-10 codes

The "Email Traffic-Jam"

Email threads become messy and burdensome, sometimes overlooking pertinent information in pages and pages of history.

ReviewMate brings modern central communication to auditing deliberation, by integrating direct references, explicit notes, and party transparency so that everyone is heard concisely.

Woman dissecting and analyzing an email thread.

The "Opaque" problem

Managers, and most importantly, clients, need to be able to keep track of active progression in auditing tasks to utilize a pro-active approach to the teams' work.

Tasks in ReviewMate are groups of assigned work which can be traced on factual, present data. ReviewMate even extends special transparency tools for clients and coders alike.

Man hiding his computer screen with a "TBD" sign

ReviewMate solves these common industry problems with:

Consolidated forms instead of disparate spreadsheets.

  • Clean, concise organization of account data
  • Easy navigation between accounts
  • Groupable sets of relevant accounts

Synchronized and centralized communication between all parties.

  • Simplified, modern communication with traceable to each party.
  • No need for switching between other services.
  • Email directly from within ReviewMate

Complete narratives for each review.

  • Transparent, chronologic timelines
  • Full insight into coders' decisions like physician queries.

Trackable tasks that relay progress.

  • Keeps jobs grouped into sets of findings or accounts
  • Actively tracks progress on each job
  • Updates information to every relevant party including coders and clients


Securely connect to your universe of data seamlessly. Imported data is available platform-wide and ready for selection. Data sources keep a subscription that keep all selected data live.

Integration Manager Multifactor Authentication LDAP / Active Directory VPN Integration


Apply flexible rules and parameters to concisely gather accounts for auditing using a multitude of parameters and options. Randomization and automation tools augment any sampling need.

Selector Tools Risk Manager


Conduct audits in a transparent consolidated platform that makes it easy to maneuver. Relay audit findings to other users easily.

IPPS OPPS Profee ASC CMS-HCC Selector Tools Record Tracker Physician Query Analysis


Either choose from a variety of standard options or create an infinite amount of flexible, custom reports as one sees fit.

Report Cards Accuracy Manager Document Manager Code Finder Dashboards Summary Templates Exportability


Track findings in one centralized platform while augmenting workflows with artificial intelligence. Engineer quickerr workflow solutions.

Risk Manager Audit The Auditor ReviewMate Insights Customizable Tasks


Keep training and education just peripheral to the auditing workflow for easily assigning tranining to coders, to growing knowledge, and to communicate transparently with others.

Education Tracking Exportability


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