The Gold Standard for Medical Coding Audits

The complete suite to inspect, organize, and manage medical coding audits, optimize reimbursements, educate and increase efficiency.
Consolidate data from any

Connect ReviewMate right into your universe of data or import loose resources independently for gathering samples.

Create randomized or focused reviews

Create customizable sampling queries against your patient population to extract patient accounts.

Find and extrapolate findings seamlessly

Integrated tools keep both the auditor closer to the data, and expands more accountable, transparent communication.

Summarize findings and
understand trends

Customizable reports and integrated communication channels expedite results right to the end-user.

Deliver tailored education

Create and manage training courses that are tailored to address gaps identified during auditing process.

Automate work and gain insights

Leverage artificial intelligence and community sourced data to augment workflows intuitively. Expedite discovery of auditing opportunities.

"Spreadsheet Friction"

The "Game of Telephone"

The "Email Traffic-Jam"

The "Opaque" problem

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