Workflows Analytics
Staff & Time Management

Manage your Coder and Reviewer Productivity

Time management is the process of planning and organizing how much time is spent on different activities to maximize productivity and achieve goals. It involves setting priorities, creating schedules, and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks to make the most efficient use of your time.

ReviewMate includes the ability to track Reviewers’ and Coders’ activities within the ReviewMate platform through analytic reports and a comprehensive productivity dashboard.  Some of the data points include:

  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Productivity, view filters by –
    • Assigned Records (count)
    • Conversations (count)
    • Notes (count)
    • Tasks (count)
    • Diagnosis (count)
    • Procedures (count)
    • CPT/HCPCS (count)
    • Avg. Workflow Duration (days or hours)
Workflow Analytics is analyzing data related to business processes to identify areas for improvement and increase operational efficiency. It involves using technology (ReviewMate Worklows) and data analysis tools to evaluate work, identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and develop strategies to optimize auditing and communication workflows.

The main goal of workflow analytics is to streamline auditing processes, reduce costs, understand your auditing capacity and improve productivity. It can help organizations identify improvement areas, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall performance.

* DISCLAIMER: ReviewMate is not an hourly timekeeping system. 

Track Changes

Track all changes, including the duration that each transaction took.