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Audit The Auditor

Transparency is key for any successful organization. With ReviewMate, auditors are provided with the means to interact with other completed audits and to add comments or notes that are attached to specific code, a specific coder, or to auditors themselves. With these features, channels of communication are opened between the coder, the auditor, and any client, helping to provide context throughout an entire audit.

Using these features that ReviewMate provides, communication is stacked in a manner similar to modern thread-based messaging that helps to enable transparency across entire chains of interactions. This allows for a more robust level of communication between all parties, and provides critical context to the different actions when reviewing an audit.

Having this critical context is absolutely vital to reviewing and understanding a particular audit, whether it's a simple performance review or an investigation into the compliance of an auditor. When you use ReviewMate, you'll have all of the necessary tools at your disposal to examine auditors and their work, enabling a deeper level of control to efficiently make sure compliance is maintained.

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