ReviewMate Case Study

Lisa Marks, VP of HIM Service at Eclat Health Solutions Inc

In this case study, we had the privilege of interviewing Lisa Marks, VP of HIM Service at Eclat Health Solutions Inc. Eclat Health Solutions Inc is a prominent player in the HIM industry, specializing in the middle to end revenue cycle. Their dedicated coding and auditing teams excel in a wide range of specialties, including Inpatient, Outpatient, Professional Fee, Rehabilitation, Behavioral Health, and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI).

During our conversation with Lisa, we uncovered some remarkable insights into the challenges that Eclat Health Solutions Inc faced before their ReviewMate journey. Additionally, we explored the transformative impact of ReviewMate on their auditing process.

Challenge: Overcoming Spreadsheet Inefficiencies and IT Roadblocks in Audit Result Communication

Eclat Health Solutions Inc faced a multifaceted challenge in their operations, where the utilization of spreadsheets for audit result communication became a significant bottleneck. This challenge was particularly pronounced when dealing with audit results, posing a series of pressing issues that hampered their efficiency and profitability.

1. Laborious and Time-Consuming Process:

The heart of the challenge lay in the laborious and cumbersome process of sharing audit results via Excel spreadsheets. The traditional approach raised significant concerns about version control, leading to an increased risk of confusion in the communication stream. Ensuring they were working with the most up-to-date spreadsheet became an arduous and error-prone task. This situation not only bred confusion but also introduced inefficiencies that were far from ideal for the organization. The interaction with client coders often escalated into a time-consuming back-and-forth spreadsheet exchange. This extra time spent hindered productivity and strained resources, affecting the bottom line.

From a business perspective, these inefficiencies were a cause for concern. Each issue with access and spreadsheet confusion costs money. Balancing cost-effectiveness for clients and maintaining a steady profit margin was a constant challenge.

2. IT Department Obstacles:

Integrating audit result communication within the spreadsheet ecosystem was often complicated by the client’s IT department’s security roadblocks. These barriers had long stifled the flow of critical information. The client’s IT department’s strict protocols and data security concerns resulted in friction, impeding the timely delivery of critical documents.

Action: Implementation of ReviewMate

1. Laborious and Time-Consuming Process:

The intricacies of ReviewMate’s solution address this challenge by offering a streamlined, cloud-based platform for auditing. After the audit takes place within ReviewMate, the results are already on the platform. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information in real time, every time. This eliminates version control issues and time spent on exchanging spreadsheets.

2. IT Department Obstacles:

ReviewMate addresses the challenges posed by IT departments. The platform is designed with robust security features and compliance protocols to protect sensitive data (ReviewMate is hosted on servers which are SOC2 Type 2, SOC3 Type 2 certified, HIPAA audited, and HITECH audited). With ReviewMate, Eclat’s clients can have a ‘client user’ account, eliminating the friction that previously hindered the transfer of data.

Result: Success with ReviewMate

As a result of implementing ReviewMate’s solution to tackle the laborious and time-consuming process of sharing audit results, Eclat Health Solutions Inc experienced a transformation in their audit operations. The once laborious spreadsheet exchange process was replaced by a solution that ensures real-time access to audit results.

By using ReviewMate, Eclat Health Solutions Inc eliminated version control concerns, as all audit results were centralized on the platform, guaranteeing that everyone had access to the most up-to-date information. This significantly reduced inefficiencies that had plagued the traditional approach. This transformation resulted in a substantial reduction in time spent on the process, saving valuable resources, and significantly enhancing productivity.

The introduction of ReviewMate to address the IT department obstacles experienced by Eclat Health Solutions Inc yielded remarkable results. The complexities of communicating audit results and the hindrances posed by their client’s IT department were significantly lessened.

Additional Benefits of ReviewMate for Eclat:

Data analytics was the aspect that originally led Eclat to ReviewMate. One standout feature is the platform’s ability to automatically track and trend audit results, a functionality that proves invaluable for Eclat Health Solutions Inc. Unlike traditional methods, which lack the capability to efficiently track and analyze audit data automatically, ReviewMate empowers the team to gain in-depth insights into their performance. Auditors can now easily identify the top DRG changes, the most frequently recommended diagnosis code additions, deletions, or revisions, and the most common CPT code changes across a substantial number of audits. This data-driven approach allows for better decision-making, improved accuracy, and the ability to swiftly adapt audit strategies based on real-time trends.