Staffing Analytics

ReviewMate offers a variety of tools to track the time of your staff in a way which empowers both the subjective sense of progression and for the purposes of organization-wide transparency. This is essential not only for understanding performance, but for understanding how time is spent and what it is that time is spent on.

ReviewMate groups records together as tasks, a unit that is used for analyzing progression. Metadata is then collected by ReviewMate for each task, which is made accessible directly with users and clients. This provides teams who have to overlook auditors with essential data with which to hold their auditors accountable.

Tasks are automatically tracked and indexed by ReviewMate, however by nature audits are unpredictable within particular time constraints. To deal with this, users are provided with tools to augment the built-in time tracking software in order to claim additional time for more intensive auditing tasks. This ensures that, no matter how unpredictable the task becomes, your user has the ability to track all of the time that is used.

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