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What is ReviewMate Training & Education module?


It is an add-on module to the ReviewMate platform, and it is fully integrated with the rest of ReviewMate’s products. The module contains training courses, exams, videos and tools to train coders on medical coding.

Training & Education Module is a platform that empowers your department with technology that captures learning opportunities (sometimes referred to as audit findings). It allows you to deliver tailored educational content straight to your coders all within ReviewMate. Auditing your coders or providers could be the most effective first step towards identifying issues that need additional attention and perhaps require more training. By leveraging ReviewMate Training & Education Module, you can track the effectiveness of training programs and tailor your training content to the most pressing issues.

ReviewMate Advisory Dasboard

Leverage the power of machine learning in delivering training and education to your staff:

ReviewMate is an auditing platform that helps facilities to conduct medical code reviews. During the auditing process, the platform collects and stores audit findings, calculates accuracy rates and captures trending issues. The system uses this information to continuously learn about your coders and find out the most relevant training content for them.

By leveraging our database for audit findings and our community database, the advisory dashboard allows you to find courses and topics per department/facility or for each individual coder. You can create your own training content and deliver tailored training content via the ReviewMate Training & Education Module.

ReviewMate Marketplace

 ReviewMate Marketplace contains thousands of courses from third party providers. ReviewMate provides a streamlined access (Single Sign On Experience) to training content by eliminating the need for the coders to access or learn a new learning platform. 

  • The Haugen Academy (Haugen Academy offers education for beginning, intermediate and advanced coders: ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS and CPT facility coding education. E/M, CPT, and ICD-10-CM professional fee coding education.) Click here to read more.
  • FinThrive Learn (FinThrive Learn offers the largest and most innovative library of healthcare revenue cycle education and solutions.) Click here to learn more.

The ReviewMate Training and Education module allows you to:

Upload Your Own 

Upload your own training materials: PDFs, Word Documents, Videos, Exams, PowerPoint Presentations, External Links, and more.

Create Quizzes 

Create your own library of technical coding questions, and set up your own criteria for passing the quiz.

Coding Exercises

Leverage your own reviews to create coding exercises for coders. It is a live Coding Gym, in which coders will have access to an encoder and will be able to find their own mistakes.

Knowledge Source 

Deliver coding guidelines and coding policies to your team and build your own knowledge source database. 

Manage Assignments

Track your coder assignments and ensure timely completion for their training courses. You will have access to the dashboard, which will help you see the progress of each user. 

Training Compliance

You can set up your own compliance goals and track them via the ReviewMate Training and Compliance Dashboard.  


Ensure coders get automatic email notifications and task reminders to make them aware of their training assignments.

Access Third-Party Courses

Purchase credited courses from a single platform. Create a single and streamlined experience for your coder to both learn their audit findings and take their courses assigned to them in single platform without having to log in to their party tools.

Training Program Benefits

The ReviewMate Training & Education module allows coding or training managers to assign education courses to medical coders. Not only will it improve the coders’ accuracy, but it will also lead to:

1. Ensuring healthcare providers receive appropriate reimbursement: A well-designed teaching module can help medical coders improve their accuracy, which can have a positive impact on the financial health of the organization.

2. Staying Up to Date: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and new codes and guidelines are regularly introduced. By providing ongoing education and training, medical coders can stay up to date on changes in the industry and apply the most accurate coding decisions.

3. Maintaining Compliance: Healthcare providers are subject to a wide range of regulations and guidelines, and medical coders must ensure that their coding is compliant with these regulations. A comprehensive training and education platform can help these records specialists understand the requirements and stay compliant.

4. Reducing Errors: Medical coding mistakes can result in denied claims, delayed payments, and even legal issues. A training and education module can help clinical coders identify and correct errors, which can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare organization.

5. Boosting Employee Morale: Offering education and training opportunities can improve employee morale and job satisfaction. Workers in the medical records coding field who feel supported and valued by their organization are more likely to stay onboard and remain engaged in their work.

Do you want to post your training content on ReviewMate Marketplace?

Reach out to ReviewMate to post your courses and training content into our library. Email address is [email protected].