Summary Templates

One of the best ways to increase worker productivity is to give your workers tools that allow them to do their work more efficiently. ReviewMate includes a templating system that allows a user to create or utilize existing templates to generate reports that have a consistent design.

The amount of templates you can create is unlimited, and automation tools such as templates can help make your auditor work faster and smarter. Not only can a single auditor make themselves more efficient, but because templates can be easily shared, individual auditors can share their templates with others, or companies can provide custom templates tailored to their specific organization systems.

With ReviewMate’s templates, the customization options are endless. Auditors have access to hundreds of different components with which to customize their templates, and every aspect of the templates can be arranged and formatted by your auditors. ReviewMate gives your auditors the empowerment they need to take their productivity into their own hands, resulting in a more efficient organization that benefits everyone.

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