It is important that you have easy access to the work of your coders and auditors. That’s why ReviewMate is designed to export your data quickly and efficiently. Once you have your auditors finish a report, or if you want to present a report-in-progress, ReviewMate gives you plenty of options for exporting the data through a wide variety of common formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word.

The auditing industry can be tricky when it comes to interoperability – which is why ReviewMate supports the most common and standard document formats. ReviewMate is designed to operate with these formats, creating a smooth experience from the time coding begins, to auditing, to exporting.

With ReviewMate, you’ll always have easy access to your data, whether it’s through the software or the exported reports. This can come in handy when reviewing the work of your auditors, or to present works in progress, enabling swift accountability, and by supporting these common formats, you can be sure that no matter how you have to submit them, ReviewMate will cover your needs.

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