It is essential for an auditor to have easy access to the cases they are auditing. With ReviewMate, your auditors will gain access to a customizable dashboard that will visually deliver the information your auditor needs to do their job effectively.

The dashboard is easily modified by the auditor, allowing them to place custom pie charts, graphics, and tables that can be arranged to the needs of a particular auditor, placing an emphasis on their own individual workflow and preferences.

It is most common for auditors to have to track progress across multiple different tasks simultaneously. ReviewMate’s dashboard system enables them to improve their work by allowing them easy access to visually assess their own progress in a way that they prefer, empowering them to take their job performance into their own hands.

Dashboards aren’t only useful for auditors, however ‘ auditors can also set up dashboards to visually present their progress or data to clients and coders, allowing them to communicate to interested parties in a way that is concise, efficient, and transparent.

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