Coder Report Cards

Normally, only clients would receive reports, however ReviewMate strives to provide utility at all levels of use, whether you’re a client, an auditor or a coder. Using the Coder Report Card system, coders can receive feedback on their coding after auditing, allowing them to improve their future performance. This creates a good system of communication and accountability for all parties.

Coder Report Cards act as a more concise and automated derivation of reports, and are designed specifically for coders. Coders have easy access to these report cards – they simply sign into ReviewMate using their on credentials, allowing them to review their report cards and examine their performance. As an alternative, documents (such as a PDF) can be generated and distributed to a coder.

By using our Coder Report Card system, ReviewMate empowers both coders and auditors to provide accountability, allowing succinct communication across all levels of reports. Armed with the knowledge gained by their report cards, coders are presented with an opportunity to improve their craft, creating a positive work environment focused on growth and self-improvement.

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