Code Finder

Part of an auditor’s job is investigating common patterns among different codes. The information from these investigations can often be used to direct areas of focus for future auditing. With ReviewMate, your auditors will gain the ability to easily investigate historically audited codes in order to analyze and figure out common findings.

Using ReviewMate, your auditors will be able to run queries by specific codes, rather than having to use other parameters for their search, such as by task or by facility. This provides shortcuts to viewing the prevalence and other aspects of the code being searched, allowing your auditors to seek deeper patterns in your structures.

By giving your auditors the power find records by code, you expand their ability to help your organization. With ReviewMate, you can make sure your auditors have the tools they need to do their job with efficiency and effectiveness. Armed with all of our tools, they will be ready to meet any challenge their job throws at them.

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