CDI Communication

ReviewMate is designed with the idea that one tool should cover all of your needs. ReviewMate includes functionality for communicating to and connecting with CDI teams. This functionality is fully integrated right into the standard reporting workflows!

In the course of auditing, it is often the case that auditors will have to send reports and other information to an external Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) team. Using ReviewMate, your auditor has the ability to aggregate their findings and easily report it to a CDI team.

Once an auditor has gathered the information they need, ReviewMate makes sure that sending it to the CDI team is a breeze. Auditors can connected an external CDI team through email, by exporting documents, or using a special client-facing login portal, allowing the CDI team to maintain an updated and accurate account of a particular record. Clinical documentation improvement is an essential part of making sure your records are compliant. With easy access to documents using ReviewMate, you can rest assured that your CDI team will have everything they need to do their job.

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